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Concord Bridge article on Friends of White Pond

Thanks to the Concord Bridge for covering Friends of White Pond in their "That's what Friends are for" series.

With a purpose “to preserve the beauty and wonder of White Pond for all…, respecting that there are natural capacity limits that any resource can endure,” a group of concerned citizens formed the Friends of White Pond in 1987. Meeting monthly, this charitable nonprofit works to raise awareness of what can be done to protect the pond.

“A magical spot, with its tranquil and beautiful sunsets,” is how Caitlin Mahoney, a member of the Friends of White Pond, describes this more than 12,000 year-old kettle pond in Concord.

Home to many year-round residents and a wealth of wildlife, it is also an asset for those who come to the town-owned beach, those who like to fish in all seasons, paddle a kayak or canoe or simply enjoy “all that is beautiful,” said Mahoney.

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