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News, research, and links about White Pond 

Town of Concord and State of Massachusetts

Town of Concord White Pond Resource Page

April 2021 letter from Town of Concord to MA Fish and Game requesting end of trout stocking.

MA List of Harmful Cyanobacterial Bloom Advisories in Massachusetts

White Pond Vision 2021

2021 CPA proposal to secure funds to continue APOD and APOD presentation

Town of Concord Blue-green Algae Info Page

MA Fish and Game Trout Stocking Report

Academic research

Research showing reduction of cyanobacteria following removal of non-native predatory fish

White Pond Water Quality Data, Bathymetry Map, Quadrant Map and more...

Research on the effects of fish on cyanobacteria levels

Long-term Water Quality Monitoring Data From White Pond
Dr. Bill Walker

Community engagement

Report parking issues around White Pond

Citizen science algal monitoring programs

Report other issues to the town re. White Pond (ex. downed trees, trash, etc.)

iNaturalist citizen science. Download the app. Check out the hundreds of species reported around White Pond. Quickly identify unknown species with their AI and community of experts. Contribute by adding your own observations! It's easy and fun.

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