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Concord Bridge: White Pond committee focuses on water quality

Quarry North, LLC got approval last week for a Planned Residential Development on 16.5 acres of a former granite mine near White Pond.

Plans show four single family homes and one duplex, each with a septic system. The Natural Resources Commission approved the septic plans.

But an interest group, the Friends of White Pond, worries that pollutants will seep into the pond water.

“The proximity of the development to White Pond suggests that run-off from the approved Title V septic systems will reach White Pond water, contributing to the growth of toxic algae blooms that have closed the pond in recent years,” wrote Josh Galper of the Friends in a letter last August.

“These septic systems remove harmful bacteria but do not remove nutrients, which move into the groundwater and eventually leach into White Pond,” he said recently.

“We hope the town of Concord considers enhanced septic technology to mitigate the release of harmful phosphorus and nitrogen into the pond."

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