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Join Friends of White Pond for a better pond future!

Email for volunteer opportunities and meeting times.

Friends of White Pond (FOWP) works for the improvement of White Pond’s waters and watershed by promoting education, participation and sound public policy. We gather and present factual information for decision makers and other interested parties. Our website hosts a blog and resources for pond information.

FOWP formed in 1987 as a community-based organization in response to declining water quality in the pond. Since then, the group has engaged in testing, documentation and communication of its findings to the broader public.

More recently, FOWP has written advocacy letters to State officials and engages with other pond associations throughout Massachusetts.

Volunteers help in all areas including community engagement, policy analysis, and hands-on pond activities for kids and adults. We look to match volunteer interests with relevant activities to make helping White Pond a fun activity!


Did you know?

· Ponds across the country are fighting toxic algae blooms (cyanobacteria) that make water unsafe for swimmers, pets and fishermen

· The State of Massachusetts has proposed changes to Title V laws that govern septic system run-off?

· The Town of Concord is deploying A-Pod technology in 2023 to capture and dispose of toxic algae blooms, but more needs to be done

· A combination of good thinking and public opinion will make the difference for White Pond and other Massachusetts ponds

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