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MassDEP proposes two big changes to Title V, would require thousands to change septics on Cape Cod

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has proposed two changes to Title V, which governs septic systems in the state.

The first change is the establishment of "Nitrogen Sensitive Areas", or NSAs, for bodies of water "adversely impacted by nitrogen" from septic runoff. "Septic systems located within designated NSAs would be required to upgrade to the best-available, nitrogen-reducing technology within 5 years of designation."

The second change is to establish Watershed Permits. "MassDEP is proposing the Watershed Permit Regulations to provide a 20-year permit for communities to implement long-term wastewater planning in the most efficient and effective way for the entire watershed. Permittees will be authorized to take a holistic, long-term, innovative approach to reducing the nitrogen load that enters the estuaries and embayments. "

If a community gets a Watershed Permit then they may be excused from the NSA requirement for designated bodies of water.

White Pond is Concord is not currently a designated NSA nor is there evidence that it is line for a Watershed Permit. However, the new proposals open the door to one or both options.


NSA map (covers Cape Cod and southern Mass)

Article: "Title V is not enough to protect White Pond", Friends of White Pond, October 14, 2022

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