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Town consultant issues recommendations for cyanobacteria management in White Pond

Characterization of cyanobacteria in White Pond, Concord, MA: An evaluation of cyanobacterial populations, biomass, cyanotoxin concentrations and trophic interactions January 20, 2023

Recommendations for 2023:

1) The information from the 2022 sampling season demonstrated that the bloom-forming cyanobacteria (BFC) sample played an important role in the early warning system that allowed for a proactive cyanobacteria monitoring program for the Town of Concord. The tiered monitoring program should continue in the future until data suggests otherwise.

2) The “train-the-trainer” program successfully familiarized Town of Concord staff with the collection of cyanobacteria and zooplankton samples. Objectives for the 2023 season should focus on making arrangements for staff to take on the responsibility of sample processing, fluorometric analysis and interpretation. Any cyanotoxin analysis should continue to be conducted at an outside laboratory.

3) The collection of plankton samples from White Pond offers the Town an opportunity to create a robust educational program focusing on freshwater ecology.

The full report from Nancy Leland of the University of New Hampshire is available below.

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