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Town of Concord optimistic about White Pond cyanobacteria removal, releases report on 2023

Town of Concord officials said in a May 24, 2024 letter that "we are optimistic that the A-Pod technology is successfully removing cyanoHABs from the pond. No closures of the beach to users in 2022 and 2023 were necessary, and the Town proposes to continue the A-POD technology through at least FY 2025."

Read the full letter here:

Town of Concord White Pond 2024 Memo
Download PDF • 113KB

From the Year 2023 Summary Report, Restoration of White Pond's Water Quality from Higgens Environmental Associates:

This report serves to summarize Higgins Environmental Associates, Inc. (HEA’s) activities, data and findings for ecological restoration services completed in 2023 at White Pond in Concord, Massachusetts. This work was completed by HEA under contract to the Town of Concord, in accordance with HEA’s Proposal No. 10220C dated April 19, 2023.

Importantly, HEA’s water and biotic quality assessments in 2023 have documented a sustainable improvement of White Pond’s biologic integrity (314 CMR 4.000 - Massachusetts Surface Water Quality Standards), compared to historical data (1987-2021), by passively harvesting and removing previously dominant cyanoHABs then tree pollen using the A-Pods.

White Pond 2023 HEA Final Report
Download PDF • 5.63MB

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