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Can you volunteer 30 minutes for White Pond?

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

White Pond needs our help to stay safe and healthy! We've put together a list of important and fun volunteer activities - some take as little as 30 minutes. Would you volunteer your time and skills this summer to keep the pond a great and vibrant place to be?

Please visit our Sign Up Genius page to select a volunteer assignment. Friends of White Pond will follow up to coordinate.

A list of volunteer activities is:

- Plan a family rock painting activity

- Write 500-600 words about your favorite or most interesting part of the pond for our website

- Take photos of the pond for our website

- Ask your kids to draw something at the pond to be used as artwork for website posts

- Contact other pond associates, follow their blogs and invite them to follow ours

- Create a social media sharing strategy

- Advise on the benefits of forming a 501c3

- Create a fundraising strategy

- Liaise with the MA Dept of Toxocology on testing White Pond fish for PFAS (includes catching the sending in a fish)

- Become our Town liaison

- Pick your own and let us know!

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