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Town reports on White Pond testing, A-Pod launch and beach opening

The Town of Concord has released information on testing for White Pond cyanobacteria, the launch of the A-Pod and the opening of the town beach.

The town took a water sample on May 23, 2023, and found that the cyanobacteria Microcystis is present but levels are estimated to be extremely low; State law says that the pond is safe for swimming. The town will test biweekly until there is a higher cyanobacteria count, at which point testing will move to weekly.

Two A-Pods went into action at Thoreau's Cove the week of May 8th. There has been no meaningful buildup of cyanobacteria (PC) or phytoplankton (Chl a) so far.

The town beach will open on weekends only until the season opens on June 19, at which point it will be open daily.

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