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What Would Henry Do?

In The Thoreau Farm’s essay collection, What Would Henry Do, Vol. 2, published in 2022, contemporary voices reflect on Henry David Thoreau’s enduring legacy, wondering what would Henry think, say, or do now? Kate Blair, long- time member of the Friends of White Pond, imagines in her essay what Henry David Thoreau might think of the A-Pod:

Henry gazed into Walden’s crystalline waters. “I apologize. Sometimes my imagination runs away with me. Perhaps in the future someone will invent a machine that collects algal blooms and converts them into fertilizer. Just as I envision educational programs for children and adults to encourage responsible usage of the ponds and their environs, and foster coordination among the advocacy groups, government agencies, and individuals.”

What Would Henry Do, Vol. 2 includes Kate’s essay, as well as works by Jane Goodall, Ed Markey, and others, and can be found wherever books are sold, or in the Minuteman Library Network. For more information, please visit

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